BR-1 Safety Razor Stainless Steel High Gloss Polish

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High Gloss Polish:

A polished version of our safety razor, achieved through a combination of electropolishing and hand polishing. The inside of the head is not polished to maintain our exact tolerances. 

The Blutt Rasur BR-1 safety razor is made out of 1.4404 / 316L stainless steel in Switzerland. Unlike common die cast razors, it is CNC milled. This solid material manufacturing allows for tighter tolerances, as well as an improved blade fit. Due to its flat head shape, the BR-1 is very maneuverable and also allows for easy upper lip shaving. The concealed blade tabs ensure a safe shave. The BR-1 is available with different base plates, these differ in blade gap and blade exposure to customize the shaving experience:

  • 0.67mm blade gap – mild – blade exposure – neutral
    • ideal for shaving every 1 – 2 days or for sensitive skin
  • 0.86mm blade gap – medium – blade exposure – positive (low)
    • ideal for shaving every 2 – 3 days or for rather sensitive skin
  • 0.99mm blade gap – medium-aggressive – blade exposure – positive (medium)
    • ideal for shaving every 3 – 5 days or for rather insensitive skin
  • 1.20mm blade gap – aggressive – blade exposure – positive (high)
    • ideal for shaving every 5 – 7 days or for a generally more aggressive shave

Our blade geometry ensures a smooth and yet efficient shave with all plates. Don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation. Technical Data:

  • Weight: 95g
  • Handle length: 90mm / Total length: 97.5mm
  • Material:
    • Head & Handle 1.4405 / 316L stainless steel

Designed, Engineered in Switzerland & proudly Swiss Made

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Blade gap

0.67mm, 0.86mm, 0.99mm, 1.20mm


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