About Blutt Rasur


(adj.) a Swiss-German word for naked, bare, natural

The idea for Blutt Rasur was born in the summer of 2019, after a discussion about the sense and sustainability of disposable as well as cartridge razors. Shortly after, a plan was born to produce a razor that combines Swiss quality and attention to detail with modern CNC manufacturing methods.

The name Blutt Rasur stands for a minimalist design without frills. The razor uses a a standard double-edge razor blade and this blade can be fully recycled. This is our contribution to a future circular economy.

Behind Blutt Rasur are two young, creative makers who combine proven concepts with new technologies.

Initial prototypes were modeled by CAD and then tested by 3D printing. Shortly after, a first prototype was manufactured in brass and successfully tested. Over the past two years, the design has been continuously tested, improved based on feedback gathered from experienced shaving enthusiasts.

Blutt razors are manufactured in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. Each razor is bead-blasted by hand and checked for quality.